“We naturally become the people we hang around…”

“If you’re feeling stuck and struggling to make the progress you want, take a look around you.  Most people adapt to whatever environment they find themselves in. They have what psychologists call an “external locus of control”, where they believe factors outside of them dictate the direction of their lives. Consequently, they don’t take responsibility for shaping the environment that will ultimately shape them.

  • Who are the people in nearest proximity to you?
  •  How did they become your peer group?
  • Was it on purpose or based on convenience?
  •  Do these people hold you to a high standard?
  • Or, do they hold you to an even lower standard than you hold yourself?”

— Benjamin Hardy (to read Hardy’s article on group support, click here)

This quote arrived in my email box last week  from my coach, Cate.  I LOVE having a coach. Yes, I’m a  coach who has a coach! Everyone needs a coach – a coach helps you transform from who and what you are at this exact moment, to the person you dream of being.  Why?  Because, in most cases, your coach is simply one or two steps ahead of you.

For those who know me, you know I will NEVER say I’m an expert or that I have all the answers. Wait! Yes I will.  I am an expert at failing. I’m an expert at being average. I’m an expert at experimentation on myself. And I’m an expert at sharing my failures, being average, and letting you know what works for me, what doesn’t, and the potholes on the path ahead of you if you choose to remain on the same path with your health and lifestyle.

As Benjamin Hardy states above, we naturally become the people we hang around.  Look at your friends and family – sometimes they are exactly who you want to be. But often our friends and family are wonderful in many ways, but from a health and wellness perspective, they are no where near who we strive to be.

Our modern world is full of unhealthy food, unhealthy habits, unhealthy people, and a lifestyle crammed full of stress, hurry, and worry, with no end to the challenges we face as we work to be healthy. That’s why I have a coach.  And that is why I am a coach. And most importantly, that is why I have created For the Health of It.  This community is a group of people all interested in the same thing – we all want radiant health and a lifestyle that will support our good health now and well into the future.

I hope you’ll consider joining the upcoming pilot of my 11-Week Healthy Habits Journey where you’ll receive the guidance you need to reach your health goals, and you’ll receive support from a community who cares as much as you do about being healthy and cultivating a healthy lifestyle. The pilot is priced significantly lower than the next round, so if you’re considering it, reach out and let’s have a conversation.   For the health of it…….Alison 

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