Spring Detox – get in now 2 for 1

Detox is a time for us to slow down and hit the pause button. Strange, isn’t it, that often the only time that we do this is when we get sick and are forced to slow down. Detox is an opportunity for you to cut back on unnecessary things that rob your important time, heavy processed foods that gunk up the digestive system, and habits that no longer serve the current-you.

Take time for yourself, for the simple pleasures in life, and find gratitude for you for all the incredible things that you accomplish every day, every month, every year. Detox happens twice a year ~ in the spring and again in the fall. It helps us press the reset button to feel better in our bodies and move forward into the next season.

Slipping into detox mode is only difficult when you put up barriers. As a community, we work together to ease-fully move into detox and collectively clean up our act. Our spring detox video calls will take place on April 8, 15, and 22 with our final session taking place at RedBloom Yoga on April 29th. If you can’t make all the sessions or be at RedBloom on the 29th, no worries.  All sessions including our RedBloom session will be recorded and posted on our private Facebook  group for detox members only.

During our last session you will learn about kitchen sadhana ~ a Sanskrit term for spiritual practice. Kitchen sadhana is the process thru which you will learn to habitually prep your kitchen for easeful living so you can better care for you and your family without stress, clutter, and frustration. Make your kitchen your home…..your family hub.

You can join the spring detox now for $79 and bring along a friend for free. Give it as a gift, share it with your neighbor or family member.

Sign up now and find out how amazing your mind, body, and spirit can feel after just one month of a little self-love and radical self care.  p.s. for those in our Healthy Habits 11-Week Journey, you will receive a complimentary pass to this and our Autumn Detox.

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