Shut Your Mouth!

Stop eating!

Shut Your Piehole!

Okay, I know….this might seem a little aggressive and not very nice. But do these statements make a point? Well, yes they do.

Dr. Joel Kahn, a highly respected, vegan cardiologist said this on the Rich Roll Podcast this week – watch it here. I’ve been following Dr. Kahn for many years and am so happy when I learn that he’s recently been interviewed so I can learn more from him. His work and research is cutting edge and it is hard to argue the merits of his whole-food, plant-based approach to medicine and healing. Yes, he still does stents and aggressive therapy to save his patients the “western” way, but he does not take an overweight, chronically sick patient suffering from lifestyle disease like obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or heart disease, apply therapy and then let them go home without counseling them on lifestyle, proper nutrition, and providing steps to reduce the probability of re-occurrence of the disease.

We are SO lucky here in Michigan because Dr. Kahn practices in Detroit. If I ever need to see a doctor because of my heart, I’ll call Joel Kahn or another healthy lifestyle advocate. Hands down. No fat, squishy doctors for me. I want to hear a doctor say “shut your mouth and stop eating”. It’s really good advice.

In fact, shut your mouth and stop eating.  Try it today. Instead of 3, 4, or 5 meals, try two. Wait to have your breakfast until 10 – and then eat a light, fresh meal, one without eggs or bacon or sugar, or bread. You can do it….be creative. Try a piece or two of fruit with an avocado and a big salad with lots of greens, sprinkled with nuts and seeds.

Then for dinner at FOUR O CLOCK (yes 4:00), have a big bowl of homemade soup – maybe split pea, bean, minestrone, again, get creative. Below is a recipe for my favorite soup. This recipe came from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau who is a vegan activist (please, no debates here…I like her for many reason – her amazing recipes and work with plant-based nutrition, high among those reasons). Here is her video on eating plants by color.

Plant-Based Red Bell Pepper Soup

Grind up 1.5 cups of cashews in blender until smooth and set aside

Prepare or take from freezer about 6 cups of veggie broth

Stir-fry 5 red bell peppers and an onion until soft. I don’t use olive oil in my stir-fry – I just use a little water, but olive oil is fine.

Slowly blend the ground cashews into the veggie broth – I do this in small batches because it makes a mess if I do too much at one time. This should make a lovely thick broth. Then in small batches, take your cashew broth and add in your red bell pepper stir fry and blend until smooth.

You can add whatever seasonings you like.  I LOVE cayenne pepper but it’s HOT when I do that.  I also like just a little salt and pepper because the red bell peppers are so flavorful.  But you can add whatever might taste good to you.  Experiment.  Heat up and enjoy. 4 ingredients and maybe 30 minutes.

Now, back to the original purpose of this blog which is me being on my saltbox about healthy living and surrounding myself with healthy people….

Last year, I caught a bad cold (thought it was the flu), so I went to see a doctor, with the hopes that I could form a relationship with a physician so I’d “have a doctor” that I could call on if need be. This woman was credentialed, thorough, and I liked her a lot. And when she got close to me to listen to my lungs, I could smell her dank breath – you know what I’m talking about….a serious smoker. So I looked at her closely and could see the other tell-tale signs – lines around her lips and yellowed fingernails from a lifetime of smoking. Thank you for your service and bye bye.  No way am I going to see a physician, even for a cold, that is a smoker. I want advice from someone who is healthy and knows and practices lifestyle habits that will lead to a lifetime of thrive. Seriously, can you imagine taking medical advice from a smoker?

Shut Your Piehole! And that, my friends, comes from the mouth of my coach, Cate. I pay this woman gobs of money to coach me and it’s worth every penny. When I see her training videos, I see a woman who could care less about doing her hair or makeup. She’s the real deal. Most of the time if her hair is soaking wet on camera, it’s because she just finished riding her mountain bike up a mountain or had been surfing. She does not dance around how to get healthy. She is direct and clear. She makes her point without flowery language and she does not worry about telling someone to shut their piehole. Some people have accused her of being crass and offensive. To them she politely says “there are many coaches out there and I know you’ll find one that is the perfect fit for you”. Thank you, Cate. When I first found this woman, I knew I needed her to coach me.  She is a brilliant entrepreneur who has taught me as much about marketing as she has about health and lifestyle. My coaching program will end this summer and I’ll gladly hand over the same gob of money next year because I love and deeply value having this guidance, support, and frankly, a person who will tell me or anyone SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE.

So, to sum it all up, and to repeat myself yet again, surround yourself with the right people. We talk about creating a tribe, and indeed, For the Health of It, is here to give you the support and offer you a community of like-minded people who are also interested in healthy lifestyle design.

So SHUT YOUR MOUTH, SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE, STOP EATING, and get involved in this community. There are plenty of opportunities to learn for free, or you can join one of our 4-week courses, or the big kahuna like Healthy Habits coming up in March. Lots of options. Reach out. Don’t go it alone.


2 Replies to “SHUT YOUR MOUTH!”

  1. That post was incredible. Where to start?
    1. Look at your relationship with food. For a long time I ate for reasons other than hunger. Myfriend Patty gently pointed me towards a book that described eating for emotional purposes, but many people, sadly, would rather take an extreme route i.e. bariatric surgery then actually look at themselves with the honesty required and then do the difficult work to change the why of their eating habits.
    2. Sugar/Processed food addiction. – In addition to my emotional dependency on food I have come to realize that I was and still can be physically addicted to certain types of processed foods. It takes time and discipline to break this and I can bring it back anytime I want by eating certain processed foods. My experience is that when I go “cold turkey” and break this my cravings go away and my hunger is for fresh, plant based foods.
    3. Programming. – culturally we are pushed into bad diet. Everything we see in advertising promotes bad eating.( I find tv ads directed towards children particularly disturbing.) Every holiday and birthday or celebration becomes an excuse to literally poison ourselves and if you don’t eat the cake and ice cream you become a “party pooper”. Its very easy to go along because it tastes good and then you don’t make others uncomfortable by not eating the donut or whatever other bullshit fake food they insist on forcing on you. I know that might sound harsh, but too bad for you if you’re offended.
    Well, since we were venting… Thank you for this space!

    1. Tom – so many good thoughts here. In fact, I’ve been thinking about writing my next blog post on the influences of big-market marketing and the influences on our psyche. If you have not read Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss, you should. It’s all about what the giants have caused through marketing to our “sweet spot”. Another recommendation about this same topic would be The Cheese Trap: How Breaking a Surprising Addiction Will Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Get Healthy by Neal D. Barnard, another of my health hero physicians. Much to learn, much to talk about, and bodies/minds to heal. Glad you’re here.

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