Just Breathe……..

Just breathe……..

I am a yoga teacher.

I love saying that.


The thing that I love the most about teaching is hearing – anticipating – and really listening to the gentle rhythm of the collective breath of students when they are in flow during a class.  Yes, I really love it (mmmmmm…..pause…..ooommmm).  While teaching, I inform students about the benefits of breath and body movement yet for many, the synchronized breath with movement is allusive.  They forget, or they get caught up in the moment (or moments) of holding the stillness of plank, or the thought of their upcoming paper has taken them right out of the studio and back into the chaos of life.  It happens.  Frequently. So I remind them….”come back to the breath”, “breathe into the body”, “full breath in, full breath out”.  I’m a yoga teacher.  I teach breath-body movement. It’s my job to remind them – to help them find the rhythm….synchronize….breathe….find stillness…..savasana.

I leave the studio most workdays by 7:15 a.m. after an early morning yoga class. Off I go to work – ready to face the day – fresh with a sense of blissfulness that I just helped a room full of people find their rhythm, stretch their bodies, and still their minds. I walk into the office and the emails start – and meetings – and more meetings – phone calls – spreadsheets – interruptions – paperwork – deadlines……stress!  Bam, its’ stress.  I’m a yoga teacher. And I have stress.

I am guessing that you, dear reader, suffer from stress as well.  Tomorrow I’m going to practice what I preach and I encourage you to join me.  In yoga class, I teach that when you allow the exhale to extend just a bit longer than the inhale, the central nervous system calms, the body relaxes, and the breath flows more easily. Take as few breaths in a minute as possible – maybe 6 or so.  Feel into the magic of your breath.  Pranayama. Join me tomorrow – when you feel stress – take a walk, sit in your car, find a quiet place in the office – close your eyes, slow the breath…count… slow… breathe.

….just breathe.


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