Embrace the Fire in Your Belly with Intermittent Fasting

Understanding and actually embracing hunger is an important part of the Intermittent Fasting process. Feel into it and appreciate it for what it is. It is the digestive process doing its work.

The Western way of eating and behaving around food has taught us that hunger equates to “I MUST EAT”. Wrong!!! It’s telling you that your system is doing what it is supposed to do – digesting food, absorbing nutrients, moving food through the channels, and exiting out of your body through a healthy elimination process.

We will talk a lot about digestion during the Intermittent Fasting workshop series. If we ignore what we put in our bodies and the natural process of our digestion, we will develop dis-ease, heaviness, weight-gain, brain fog and a multitude of other physical issues and suffer the consequences. I hope you’ll join this posse of peeps who care enough to learn and hopefully change a few habits which will lead to happier, healthier bodies, minds, and spirits. The course will be taught in-person at RedBloom Yoga and on-line so don’t worry if you are not in or around Mt. Pleasant. Join now!  Cost is only $40.  

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