Does your past trap you in the present and exclude you from the future you really want?


I recently attended a conference with 28 women entrepreneurs who share a common goal to create a space for people to improve their health and lives through lifestyle change. At the conference, I was challenged to think about who the “future-Alison” should be and how I want to show up in the world. Interesting concept! I certainly have considered what I don’t want to be – but that’s a whole different blog post.

I feel pretty good about what I have accomplished in my life-both personally and professionally. I still have lofty goals for the future, though, so it’s time for me to rally, make a solid plan, and lose all of the old limiting thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that could hold me back from being “future-Alison”.

What are limiting thoughts and behaviors? Have you ever decided to start eating healthy and one day in to your commitment, things get tough at work and you grab whatever you can find and eat at your desk? Have you ever decided to run a 5k and then every day put off the training run because you’re too busy, too sick, too stressed, the weather is bad, or you just don’t feel like it? Have you ever decided to put off a big move – maybe a job change, a relationship change, or moving to a new area – just because you think the time isn’t right?  Have you ever sacrificed something you really need or want just to satisfy someone who will honestly never be satisfied? These are limiting thoughts and behaviors.  They are patterns that show up in your life – time and time again – and derail you from your goals and dreams.

Here’s my challenge to you: who is the future you? And what is holding you back? Let’s do this together – write down your goal or something about “future-you”.  Quantify your goal – when do you want to hit your goal and become the-new-you? Now here comes the tricky part – think about any patterns or beliefs that limit your ability to reach your goal. For me it is simple. If my goals are not written and in front of my face at all times, I forget. If I do not quantify and stick with a metrics, I forget. If I get busy with daily chaos and lose myself in my email box, I forget. And most importantly, when things get tough and I begin to lose confidence, I scrap my goal and say “forget it – it’s easier to just keep doing the same old same old”. I’ve done it very recently – I recognize it and I don’t like it.

These are patterns that the “old-Alison” was familiar with.  Whether I like them or not, they are familiar, and therefore easier. But no more. My calendar is now filled with blocks of time for me to work on what I need to move forward toward my goals and dreams. There are times that I will not be able to honor the schedule – true – but the time blocks are there to protect and support the person I want to be next.  My coach encourages me to shoot for being a B-, so if I miss a day or two – no big deal.  I can still get that B- if I honor the next two days of “future-Alison” time on the calendar.

So get on it! Figure out who the “future-you” is and put that person in your calendar.  Schedule sacred time for YOU, honor it, and allow the “present-you” to be free of the past and look forward to the future.





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