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I’m Alison and I am a seeker of all-things health and wellness.  I believe that my dharma, my purpose in life, is to help others be the best they can be through lifestyle (re)design that includes learning, practicing, and implementing healthy self-care practices.  The formula and principles are simple; the practice takes discipline; and the implementation and experience of a healthier life is just ahead. I’m not going to lie ~ I want to change the world by reaching as many people as I can and lead them into health by (re)aligning their lifestyle choices. Life can be SO much better when you make small adjustments to your daily habits including what you eat, how and when you move your body, and reducing your stress level.

I am an experiment of N=1, so much of what I have to offer you is what I have  learned through my own experiences. I am yoga teacher and am certified through eCornell in Plant-Based Whole-Food Nutrition and have an MA from Michigan State University with a concentration in gender, justice, and environmental change. I believe that to be truly healthy, you need to take radical self-responsibility and be your own healer in every sense, which means stepping into your own power and aligning with nature and all its abundance.  I am Alison ~ a woman full of messy imperfections but with a determination to help other women and men lead healthier lives.

When I was 39, my mother died of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Her death left me empty, sad, confused, and DETERMINED.  As healthy as she seemed, something went terribly wrong.  What exactly, I’ll never know, but what I do know is that the dominant culture has taught us all the wrong things about how to care for ourselves and how to eat. We work like crazed lunatics, stay up late, eat the wrong food, and ignore our bodies, which has serious impacts on our health and ultimately our lives.

What’s your story? Are you looking for better health and a healthier lifestyle? What the heck is holding you back?

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