Workshops and Yoga

Come and learn about the joys of mid-life and menopause and discover ways to cope with the sometimes annoying forgetfulness and foggy thinking that accompanies this important mid-life event.


Next up:    Intermittent Fasting and Food Exploration – 4 Sunday’s Jan. 7, 14, 21, and 28 from 3:30-5 at RedBloom Yoga or On-Line – $40 for the entire series

Here’s a great holiday gift for you, or your friends and family. Join this 4-week workshop series designed to guide you into better health through Intermittent Fasting and Food Exploration. Learn about what is best for your body and how to incorporate easy strategies that will help you feel better, more aligned with the desired YOU, and as an added bonus, drop those pesky pounds that seem to stick around after the new year.  This session will include tips on how to eat locally or regionally for optimal health and  strategies for avoiding the traps of the Standard American Diet.

This session would not be complete without discussions on topics of acid reflux, elimination, energy, and sleep and the ways in which the foods we eat impact everything in our lives.

The series will also be made available on-line so if you are not in the Mt P area, you can still participate. To sign up, simply add your name and email address  here: 


Spring and Autumn Detox 4-Week Workshops 

You can join me twice a year for a 4-week detox that will set your mind, body, and spirit right as you move from Spring to Summer in the Spring Detox, and then again as you move from Autumn to Winter in the Autumn Detox. Take radical self-responsibility for your own body, mind, and spirit – become your own healer.

Did you know our habits are communal? You adopt the habits of the people you spend the most time with so choose to spend time with like-minded people who have a goal to cleanse, release, clear, and start fresh. Take charge of your own evolution ~ lose the gunk in the system, lose weight, allergies, and cravings as you adopt smarter habits and find clarity during these 4-week Detox workshops. Workshops available both on-line and in-person.  $79 per Detox.


YOGA CLASSES – Fall Schedule

Tues. and Thurs. mornings 6 a.m. – Mt. Pleasant Hot Yoga – 115 S. Main St.

Wed. mornings 6 a.m. – RedBloom Yoga – 206 W. Michigan St. Mt. Pleasant

Sunday mornings 10 a.m. – Mt. Pleasant Hot Yoga